September 29, 2014
Politics and Religion Pt. 1

Catholic Answers published its now-famous “Voter’s Guide for Serious Catholics” back in 2004 (updated in 2006) that has now sold millions of copies with millions more having been distributed for free. In that document, for which Catholic Answers has taken a lot of flack by the way, we give guidance to Catholics in voting so that, quite frankly, Catholics will […]

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vain repetition
September 28, 2014
Do Catholics Pray “Vain Repetitions?”

As a young Protestant, this was one of my favorites to ask Catholics. “Why do Catholics pray ‘repetitious prayer’ like the Rosary when Jesus says not to pray ‘vain repetitions’ in Matthew 6:7?” I think we should begin here by quoting the actual text of Matt. 6:7: And in praying do not heap up empty phrases (“vain […]

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immortality of the soul II
September 24, 2014
Seven Proofs for the Natural Immortality of the Human Soul

The late Dr. Antony Flew—perhaps the greatest among atheist thinkers of the last 100 years—came to faith in God largely through his studies in philosophy and, most especially, science, as he recounted in his book written with Roy Abraham Varghese, “There is a God: How the World’s Most Notorious Atheist Changed His Mind.” It was […]

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God exists II
September 18, 2014
God Exists – I Can Prove It! Pt. 2

In my last blog post, we pretty much nailed the idea that the universe has a beginning. And if it has a beginning, it must have a Beginner who is omnipotent. In a recent discussion with an atheist, however, I got an interesting retort at this point: Just because there was a “beginning” of this universe […]

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existence of God
August 31, 2014
God Exists – I Can Prove It! Pt. 1

As a Catholic apologist, I hear way too many sad stories from parents telling of children gone astray. Little Johnny (or little Janey) went off to college and got ”enlightened” as to the truth about God and science. The refrain is repeated: “Science has disproved the existence of God, mom and dad. All that we know or can know exists is […]

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